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High quality percussion (massage gun) used by sports federations and pro athletes. Strong, quiet and durable, it comes with a 1 year warranty, stylish carry case and accessories including 6 changeable massage heads. Scientifically proven benefits of myofascial release warming up or recovering and reducing the risk of injury.

Pulseroll Percussion Massage Gun (+ Free Recovery sessions worth €50)

  • Large round head – General full body muscle massage. Ideal attachment for beginners.

    Small round head – General full body muscle massage. For more focussed deeper muscle work.

    Flat head – General full body muscle massage. For increased intensity and depth.

    Pneumatic head – Massage for sensitive muscles. To manage those more painful areas.

    Spinal head – Spinal muscle massage. Specific head attachment.

    Bullet head – Trigger point therapy. For advanced localised deep muscle massage.

    • For warm up, cool down & recovery
    • 4 speed settings
    • Up to 3 hours battery life
    • Carry case and strap
    • Scientifically proven benefits
    • Reduce muscle soreness
    • Increase blood flow
    • Flush lactic acid
    • Approved by physios & pro athletes
    • Reduce physio bills
    • Easy usability
    • Reduce risk of injury
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